Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Champs coupons for you!!

**update- email correction, try again if you are interested...sorry :(

So our neighbor stopped by last night with TONS of Friends and Family 30% off coupons for Champs (the sporting goods store, not the restaurant). He is a manager there and just moved into the area so we got 21 coupons!!! The first 10 people that email me at cheapcheapblog@live.com with your address, and I will MAIL one to you!!! If you are local, email me and let me know you are interested and I will drop one off for you!

To find a location near you, click HERE.


Amber and Jeremy said...

Ooooh, I want one!! I'm sure my sports fanatic husband could find something at Champs that he would like. If you don't have left to give away, that's totally fine.

Kara said...

This is perfect for the holiday season. I could find something for my husband and father at Champs! Thank you for posting.