Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Old Navy Online Coupons


I didn’t get a chance to post about this previously but Old Navy has a fun promotion going on!

Hunt around to find hidden coupons to use in-stores. Every Thursday & Friday on the new online circular website,, you can find new coupons! They are hidden around the site so it all depends on how good of a bargain “hunter” you are.

One of the best ones to find is a $60 off $100 purchase! I know we could spend that easily as we need to stock up on summer clothes! Once you find a coupon, you can either print it out right away or send it to your email so you can print it out later!

Leave a comment if you figure out where the coupons are hidden so we can all save!


Fantasy Writer said...

On the little boy's arm floaties there's a 15% off coupon

If you click on the crab that crawls across the bottom of the screen there's a 10% off coupon

That's all I've found so far :)

CheapCheap said...

Thanks for sharing Fantasy Writer!