Thursday, May 7, 2009

Did Anyone go to KFC yesterday??

What an experience we had yesterday at KFC!! My hubby, myself, and the little man headed over there with 2 coupons in hand and were stunned that we got through the line in only 5 minutes!! (Everyone there had the coupon by the way :)

The bad part was, we had to wait almost 40 minutes for our food! Now, I am not a complainer when it comes to getting free stuff....quite the opposite rather. But, there were TONS of people complaining about it taking a long time I was's free!! Then when we were leaving there was a couple that was actually arguing with the cashier about not wanting the two sides that the manager had decided on (which it says, managers choice on the coupon) and was talking about SUING THEM!!! I couldn't believe it! That gave me a good laugh so I walked up to the counter beside this couple, faced the workers that were running around like crazy trying to get food out to the 30 people waiting inside and 30 cars outside...and said...."Thank you guys SOO much for the FREE meal! I know this has been a busy day for you all so Thanks again!" and left. :)

What was your KFC like if you happened to use your coupon already?


Elizabeth said...

WOW! What an experience. But like you was FREE. I guess some folks will always find a reason to gripe and complain. I have had jobs in fast food restaurants in the past (KFC was one of them!) and I would have LOVED to hear one of my customers give a nice compliment like you :) I've always said everyone should have to work in retail (during Christmas no doubt!) and fast food. Then the world would be a much nice place b/c peple would realize how hard it really is. Dealing w/the public (most of 'em snotty or bitchy) is no fun day at the office.