Friday, April 10, 2009

Why Sample??

If you are new to sampling, here is a heads up. You usually have to fill out some info about yourself before they will send you a sample. Usually there is a * by the required info. If there isn't one by email or phone #, you don't have to list it. If they do require you to put down an email address, they may send you ads from time to time....this is why I always use my old college email account that I never check anymore. Why samples?? Samples are great for trying something new, the samples of lotion and shampoo are great for vacations and they will usually will send you high value coupons with the sample. Any other questions about samples....please comment or email me!! Happy sampling!


bill and carrie said...

I also like to put little samples together in a basket in our guest bathroom for when we have overnight guests.

CheapCheap said...

Great idea Carrie!! Thanks for sharing...they also make great stocking stuffers :)