Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Money Saving Tip- Wedding Gifts on a Budget (Guest post)

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Now that Spring is here, wedding season will start before you know it. I love seeing our friends or family members starting down the path to wedding bliss. It reminds me of my newlywed days with my husband. I am always grateful when I’m invited to share these special days.

Unfortunately, some people are reduced to groaning at the thought of having to buy wedding gifts for all of those weddings. It’s not that you begrudge your loved ones their special days. It’s just that money is tight and finding room in your budget for all of these gifts is tough. Great wedding gifts don’t have to be expensive, though. Remember that your friend or family member didn’t invite you for your gift. He or she invited you because they wanted to share their wedding with you. The gift you select for the couple should just be an extension of that celebration. Wedding gifts on a budget include:

Crafty Gifts – If you’ve got a special talent, now is the time to put it to work. Few gifts are as special as the ones that were handcrafted with their recipients in mind. Crafty wedding gifts could include needlework projects, a quilt, or even a piece of art. Just remember to let the happy couple’s tastes rule your project rather than your own.

Framed Gifts – People who aren’t blessed with a special talent don’t necessarily have to give up the idea of giving a personalized gift. Instead, you could look for something unique to frame for display in the newlyweds’ home. You might frame the invitation from their wedding. Or perhaps you have a candid photo of the happy couple from their dating days. Look for photos or objects that will hold special meeting for you and the bride and groom. Small

Assortment Gifts – Wedding gifts don’t always have to be large items, either. If you know the bride really wants a nice set of kitchen tools, you could put together of bouquet of utensils for her. You might even display them in a jar in a manner similar to displaying a group of flowers. A collection of small, low-budget items from the bride’s wedding registry can make an eye-catching and thoughtful gift.

Group Gifts – Finally, banding together with other friends of family members can make buying a stylish wedding gift affordable for everyone. Perhaps you know that the groom has his heart set on a new blender. You and a few friends could purchase this blender together for the happy couple.