Sunday, March 29, 2009

Harris Teeter- 3/29-3/31

I have corrected the comment section now so it should be working....thanks Amber for letting me know!  It was a little silly of me to ask for your feedback here and then not give you a way to give it!!  All is good now so comment away.  I love to share shopping ideas and the success of others so if you found some great Harris Teeter deals, please share how you did!!  

Here is my 2 cents......

If you are new to Harris Teeter Triple coupons, here are a few rules....
  • The coupon will only be tripled up to $.99
  • They will only take 20 coupons in one transaction.  (I have had my husband come behind me in a cart to do another transaction and I have even had check out people that were nice enough to let me to two separate transactions.
  • Here you can find the answers to any other questions you may have
  • SS = Smartsource Insert of the Sunday Paper
  • SS 3/29 would stand for today's paper (3/29) in the Smartsource insert
  • RP= Red Plum insert of the Sunday's Paper

Harris Teeter will triple coupons up to .99 through Tuesday- Here are the best deals that I found there.... (some deals may be regional)  My store was almost completely wiped out of all these goodies but they were working like made to restock everything!  


Suave Deodorant 2.6 oz- $1.47
.50 cpn from the RP 3/29
Final- FREE

Speed Stick 24/7 or Lady Speed Stick 24/7 Deodorant- 2/$4 (Buy 1)
.75 cpn from the SS 3/29
Final- FREE

Bird's Eye Steamfresh Frozen Rice- 10/$10
.35 cpn from the SS 3/29
Final- FREE

Barilla Piccolini Penna Pasta 16 oz. - $1.50
.50 cpn from the SS 3/29
Final- FREE

Barilla Whole Grain Penna Pasta 13.5 oz. - $1.50
.50 cpn from the SS 3/29
Final- FREE

French's French Fried Onions 2.8 oz.- 2/$4 (Buy 1)
.75 cpn from the SS 3/29
Final- FREE

Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats Cereal- $3.39 B1G1 (Get 2)
.70 cpn from the RP 2/22
Final- FREE

Mahatma Rice Mix - 3/$2 (Get 2)
.75/2 cpn from the RP 3/1
Final- FREE

Lipton Tea Bags 16ct- $1.35
.60 cpn from the RP 1/18 or
.50 cpn from the RP 1/18 
Final- FREE

Kotex Lightdays Pantiliners 22ct- $1.29
.75 cpn from the SS 2/22
Final- FREE

Formula 409 Cleaner- 2/$4 
.75 cpn from the Parade 1/25
Final- FREE

Blistex Raspberry Lemon Blast Lip Balm- .99
.35 cpn from the SS 2/8 or 
.35 cpn from the SS 1/18
Final- FREE

Wrigley's Slim Pack Gum- $1.19
FREE Slim Pack cpn from the SS 3/15
Final- FREE

Dentyne Ice Sugarless Gum-Single Pack- $1.19
.75 cpn from the SS 2/22
Final- FREE

Beech-Nut Let's Grow Mini Meals - 4/$4 (Buy 1)
1.00 cpn from the SS 1/4
Final- FREE

Totino's Pizza Rolls- $2.19 B1G1 (Get 2)
.35 cpn from the SS 2/8, 1/25, 1/18, or the 1/11
Final- .05 each

Soft soap Liquid Hand Soap- $2.29 B1G1 (Get 2)
.35 cpn from the 3/29
Final- .10 each

Colgate Total Toothpaste- 2/$5
.75 cpn from the SS 3/29 or the 3/15
Final- .25

Synder's Of Hanover Pretzel Sandwiches- 2/$5
.75 cpn from the SS 2/22
Final- .25

Zatarain's Rice Mixes Or Pasta Mixes 4/$5 (Buy 2)
.75/2 cpn from the RP 2/8
Final- .13 each

Post Honey-Comb Cereal- 2/$4
.55  cpn from the SS 3/1
Final- .35

JFG Coffee - $2.08
.60 cpn from the SS 12/14 (Sunday and Monday)
Final- .28

Hefty Onezip Storage Bags - 22 ct Quart Size- 2/$4 (Buy 1)
.55 cpn from the RP 3/29 or 1/25
Final- .35

Dial Basics Bar Soap- $1.19
.35 cpn from the SS 3/8 or 1/4
Final- .14

Hungry Jack Pancake Mix- $1.97 
.55 cpn from the RP 1/11
Final- .32

Aleve Pain Reliever 20-24 ct. -$2.99
.75 cpn from the SS 3/22
Final- .74

French's Worcestershire Sauce- $1.79
.50 cpn from the SS 1/18
Final- .29

Lipton Tea Bags- $2.69
.75 cpn from the RP 3/15
Final- .44

Breakstone's Sour Cream- $2.69
.55 cpn from the SS 3/29
Final- .34

Febreze Air Effects- 2/$4
.50 cpn from the PG 3/1
Final- .50

Spot Shot Carpet Stain Remover- $4.99- B1G1 (Get 2)
.55 cpn from the SS 1/4 
Final- .85

Pillsbury Refrigerated Grands Biscuits-  B1G1 (Get 4)
.50/3 cpn from the SS 3/15 or 2/8
Final- .28 each


bill and carrie said...

Did you see you got a link from Hip 2 Save?! Great job on the list, thanks for sharing it!

Jessica Mullen said...

You are the best! I went to Harris Teeter today and racked up. I also went to CVS and took your advice on what items to get for next to nothing after the extra care bucks. I will post about this on my blog and link your site so lots of others can get in on the savings.

Your frugal friend,


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